Wedding Rings

The Symbol of Your Love and Commitment

Worn on the finger closest to the heart, a wedding ring symbolises the promise that both you and your partner have committed towards spending the rest of your lives together.

A selection that will last you a lifetime, Cara Lovelle is here to go through this delicate selection process with you!

How to Order?

Step 1

Read Up & Learn More

As with all purchases, it is always wise to do some research and understand what to look our for before you start shopping!

You may learn more about how to go about choosing wedding bands in our Education page or simply Contact Us to let our expert consultants walk through this journey with you!

Step 2

Select a Style

The world wide web is your catalogue. Feel free to look online to gather any inspirations on the designs that you like and share them with us. This will help us to better curate the perfect wedding bands for you and your partner.

Step 3

Have a Budget in Mind

It is easy to get lost in the wide array of possible choices with wedding bands. Setting a budget will help us to narrow down the best options for you and also prevent yourself from overspending at the same time.

Step 4

Speak with Us

Contact Us and we will guide you through the rest!

Have not figure out Step 1 – 3 yet? Don’t worry! We will be more that willing to answer all your questions and advise you on all the details to get the perfect engagement ring for you.