About Us

Cara Lovelle established as an online-based jewelry brand. The Cara Lovelle team consists a group of dedicated individuals from all walks of life, which grows into a community of people with passion for fine jewelry, with the commitment to serve. Our company is supported by full-fledged manufacturing facilities, teams of designers, and various selected suppliers – with the view of catering to each and every of our client’s individual unique needs and requirements. Our clients, too, are an integral part of our community. It is through our client’s constant dialogue and feedback that we are cultivating and creating, one stunning piece of jewelry at a time.

Our Mission

The foundation of a relationship is important. At Cara Lovelle, we are dedicated to being the steward of yours – By creating high quality symbols of love, providing service excellence, and delivering fine jewellery of enduring value.

You are committed, and so are we.

Products and Services

As experts in all matters of the heart, Cara is at your service from start to finish.

Products ranging from engagement rings to wedding bands, to all other custom jewellery. Bespoke and customization services available.

Our Values

  • Relationships
  • Expertise
  • Responsibility
  • Enduring Value
  • Integrity
  • Distinctive Service and Hospitality

What Defines Us

Professional Consultation

We understand the quest of finding the ideal diamond for your perfect one can be a confusing, daunting, and time-consuming process.
Leave the finer details to us. At Cara Lovelle, we meticulously source and handpick diamonds based on your budget and/or any specific requirements.
All you’ll have to do is choose a ring design, and leave the diamond recommendation and selection to the experts.


All our diamonds are certified by world’s leading gem grading lab, Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and are further evaluated and selected using professional tools such as the HCA Score, ASET Scope, Ideal Scope.


An engagement ring is meant to be a symbol of love, not to break the bank! Once you have determined your budget, we would then be able to share and advise you on the available diamond specifications and ring designs that will give you the most value!

No Inventory

We are solely focused on providing bespoke jewellery to our customers and do not hold any inventory, and therefore not incurring any high inventory cost.

No Retail Fronts

Without the exorbitant rental costs that most retailers are bearing now, we bring the store together with the savings involved to you through our mobile concierge service.

Direct Supply

By working with our trusted suppliers directly, we cut out the unnecessary markups in between which drives up the costs for many traditional retailers.