About Cara Lovelle

Dedicated steward of yours, we create high quality symbols of love and deliver fine jewellery of enduring value.
You are committed, and so are we.

Professional Consultation

We meticulously handpick diamonds based on your budget and any specific requirements. All you’ll have to do is choose a ring design, and leave the diamond recommendation and selection to the experts.


All our diamonds are certified Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and are further evaluated using professional tools such as the HCA Score, ASET Scope and Ideal Scope.


An engagement ring is meant to be a symbol of love, not to break the bank! We will share and advise you on the available diamond specifications and ring designs that will give you the most value!

Bringing You More Value

       At Cara Lovelle, we do things differently. With a low-cost and efficient online business model, we pass on all the cost
savings that we enjoy to you as we truly believe that everyone deserves to own beautifully craft jewellery at affordable prices.

No Inventory

We are solely focused on providing bespoke jewellery to our customers and do not hold any inventory, and therefore not incurring any high inventory cost.

No Retail Fronts

Without the exorbitant rental costs that most retailers are bearing now, we bring the store together with the savings involved to you through our mobile concierge service.

Direct Supply

By working with our trusted suppliers directly, we cut out the unnecessary markups in between which drives up the costs for many traditional retailers.

Our Past Works


” Bought both our engagement ring and wedding bands from Cara Lovelle. Eden, the staff who served me was very patient in explaining to me on the different traits of a diamond and making sure that I get the best engagement ring which fits my budget. Did not think twice when I went back to them to get our wedding bands! A truly pleasant experience with them and will definitely recommend! “

Thomas Lim

” Wonderful and professional service! They managed to produce the engagement ring that I requested for exactly the way I wanted it. The prices are also much more competitive compared to the other retailers that I visited! “

Melvin Loo